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The rooms have a natural cooling effect provided by the soil bricks which together with the ceiling fan offers a unique Sri Lankan eco-friendly environment. The rhythmic beat of the waves will lull you to a deep and restful slumber.

All rooms have a private balcony/porch where you can relax and watch the ever changing deep blue sea that stretches up to the South Pole uninterrupted. The the doors and windows are made out of old used timber which together with the simple colonial type flooring will make you feel comfortable.

Hot & Cold WaterHot & Cold Water

All rooms are equipped with solar powered hot and cold water

Wake Up ServiceWake Up Service

Don't miss your important events. Let us know and we will make sure that you start your day on time.

Airport Pickup & DropAirport Pickup & Drop

Please advise your travel plans and we will arrange pick up at reasonable cost

Tea & CoffeeTea & Coffee

Make your hot beverage right in your room

WiFi ServiceWiFi Service

Guests can get a WiFi passcode upon registration

Mosquito NetsMosquito Nets

All rooms are equipped with mosquito nets